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  • Info on the International Weather Net Award
    (Diplom der Internationalen Wetterrunde).

    Award Manager: DJ4RL, Walter Vitz, Lerchenweg 12,
    D-41189 Moenchengladbach.

    Editing Body:

    The award is issued by the International Weather Net.

    Time scale:

    All qsos with net stations after the 1.1.76 are valid.


    The award can be obtained by every licenced radio amateur and by every swl.

    Frequencies and modes of operation:

    All amateur radio bands and all modes are allowed.

    Required Points:

    The condition for the award is a minimum of 15 points
    by qsos with members of the Net.

    Members of the Net: see

    Main net stations: see

    Normal net stations: see

    Points per qso:

    3 points per qso with the net control stations DJ2MV, OE2JIL, and DH6KAO.
    3 points per qso with OE2MJM, DJ1SW, DL1RDL, DK9GW, and DK1SU.
    3 points per qso with the club station DL0WXR.
    2 points per qso with main net stations (link see above).
    1 point per qso with each other net station (i.e. from the applicant's country; link see above).

    In case that the qso took place on a band higher than 30 MHz,
    the points mentioned before are multiplied by a factor of 2.


    The fees are 5 EUROs.


    Please send as application form a CGR-list which has been,
    signed by another om, together with the fees, to the award manager.
    Qsls are not necessary.


    For more information send a sase to the manager, please.

    How to find the fellows from the WX Net?

    E.g. take part in one of the WX Net skeds and arrange more skeds.

    Skeds of the WX Net: see the page of the Net:

    Some more or less important links: