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Info on the German Amateur Radio Club
DARC in Grömitz, DOK (code number) M10

Our club has about 15 members.
Most of them live in Grömitz, Timmendorfer Strand, or Neustadt on the Baltic Sea,
but one more on the blue river Ruhr, in Essen.

The call signs of our club stations are DB0NFC, DF0OVG, DK0OVG, and DL0OVG.
We have an education call sign DN4LAV.

President is OM Andeas Voss, DG9LBD

Club Meetings

Club meetings take place once every month in the "Dorfschänke",
a pub in the village of Merkendorf between Grömitz and Neustadt.
Please contact DG9LBD if you want to meet some nice people.
We recommend the local bitters.
Tourists are welcome.


Sked on short wave: Every Wednesday at 18:45 LT on 3.745 MHz +/- 5 kHz

For contacts on vhf please use the repeater DB0MAR (R4, 145.700 MHz) in Travemünde.
For contacts on uhf please use the repeater DB0PC (R88, 439.100 MHz) on Mount Bungsberg.

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