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Cushcraft Vertical R7000

Result of missing care.

On Monday, 23.Nov.2009, during a light storm, I removed the R7000 from the roof, since the weather people had announced an increased wind speed, and the supporting mast seemed to be corroded. The tube was from 1935, used for carrying washing lines in the garden. On Tuesday I made the pictures on the terrace, giving an impression of the status of this fine antenna, if is not looked after every year.


shows a break in the connection between the PL plug and the wiring in the MN (matching network). I enlarged the break a bit for the picture.


you see that the resistance between the tubes might be higher than supposed.


shows the plastic sleeve which should isolate the radiating part of the vertical from the mast. The surface of the sleeve is wet and mossy. Degradation of the material by ultra-violet radiation.


shows the tubing below the first trap. One detects a small bend. Here the tubing must be enforced by a plastic tube or an aluminium tube, before the antenna is put up for the first time.


shows that the galvanic connection between the radials and the antenna is not the best one.


shows also some spiders, who love to dwell in matchboxes and traps.

Vy73, Dick, DJ6QO

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