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DL0RWE/DJ6QO/DK0OVG during some ILLWs on the Old Lighthouse of the Island of Borkum.

I participated several times in the ILLW-event, operating DL0RWE on the Old Lighthouse of the Island of Borkum,
together with 6 or 7 other members of the company's sports association "Amateur Radio".
We always had a lot of fun and worked between 440 and more than 600 other stations during these ILLW weekends on the
3rd weekend of August. We've been on Borkum nine times up to now for to take part in the ILLW.
We used a lazy loop for 14 MHz on top of the lighthouse, and an endfed sloper for all bands between the top of the lighthouse
and the keeper's house at the foot of the lighthouse.
The Old Lighthouse has the lighthouse reference numbers FED024 and DE0046. The IOTA number of Borkum is EU-047.
Some impressions of our ILLW meeting in 2008 and 2012 are given below.

                           The Old Lighthouse on the Island of Borkum, with the lazy loop for 14 MHz on top.

                               Closer view of the lazy loop for 14 MHz on top of the lighthouse.

                                              Dick, old and ugly, during a Mögel-Dellinger, in the keeper's house.

                                                         Dick, operating DL0RWE in the Museum on top of the lighthouse.
                                                         There was no danger of getting drowned in pile-ups.
                                                         So the diving helmet was not needed.

                                                         The annual tea and cake party on the lightship "BORKUMRIFF".

                                              Connecting the sloper to the CG-3000 matchbox near the keeper's house.

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